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The first ever “Guardian Open Weekend” is a fantastic idea.

When many newspapers are in the “brick to click” mood, The Guardian Open Weekend extravagance is a very much needed “click to brick” marketing strategy.

INNOVATION‘s Javier Ramirez is a well known expert in this field and has been telling our clients around the world about the importance of this kind of initiatives, specially now that “virtual and digital relationships” are so “politically correct” in the media business.

The Guardian editor’s Alan Rusbridger writes today:

“… we are opening our doors -hosting a weekend at the end of March for a festival of idras, innovation and entertainment… We are looking to welcome thousands of readers to take part in the weekend of 24-25 March for an extraordinary mix of debates, talks, workshops, music, comedy, poetry, food and fun…A newspaper in 2011 is more than words printed on paper…The Guardian has no proprietor. Owned by the Scott Trust since 1936, it has been absolutely independent for more than 190 years, its main relationship always with its readers… The journey the Guardian is on is an open one…”

My talk: welcome to real people experiences, personal relationships marketing, real readers in real places. That’s the great advantage of any newspaper or media company with “soul” and loyal readers and advertisers. A new trend that has fantastic cases like the ones lead by The Times of India or the Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

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