Files under General | Feb 6th
EL COLOMBIANO, one of leading Latin America’s family-owned quality regional newspaper, celebrates today in Medellin its first 100th anniversary.
The editor, Ana Mercedes Gómez, and the General Manager, Luis Miguel de Bedout, have been the forces behind this dramatic change in a country where media business are booming.
The paper launched today its new format (from standard to Berliner) with new full colour state-of-the-art printing presses, and a new design formula 100% produced and implemented by the innovative in-house ECOlab lead by Martha Ortiz.
INNOVATION’s Chairman Carlos Soria, Marta Botero and Antonio Martín were in Medellín helping during the launch.
INNOVATION was asked to re-invent the content model and the newsroom management model, including the concept for a new open-space, integrated and multimedia newsroom, now a work in progress project following the ideas of our Calau&Riera media architects.
Besides, INNOVATION is working with the board of directors of EL COLOMBIANO in its new multimedia strategy and corporate governance one the group.
INNOVATION’s director Carlo Campos is leading the project and more than a dozen of INNOVATION consultants are involved in this work.
The first issue of the new paper includes an original of the most famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero: a painting done in a front page of the old paper.
This has been a fantastic 9-month content-driven project that shows how newspaper publishers and editors must lead the digital transitions of their new multi-media companies.
EL COLOMBIANO es here to stay, growing, changing and innovating ready to celebrate the next 100 years.
(In the pictures, the new front page, and the ECOLab team celebrating the launch of the new EL COLOMBIANO)

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Files under General | Aug 23rd


INNOVATION’s Director Marta Bitero writes about one of the most radical and successful editorial and management multimedia integrations in the newspaper industry: the case of El Tiempo in Bogota, Colombia.

Get the full report here.

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Files under General | Nov 17th


We have INNOVATION’s Javier Errea and Antonio Martin in Paris working with LIBE, so today’s front page looks great.

The paper is doing very well, and publisher, editors and reporters are happy with the new editorial and graphic formula.

In the next few days we will start a new project with LIBE lead by INNOVATION’s director, Marta Botero.

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Files under General | Nov 23rd


I am in Dubai.

This has been my first Thanksgiving Day with sand, palms, camels, and the Burj Tower (a gigantic 24/7, three-shift construction site with one new floor every three days) next to our wonderful Almanzil hotel.


We are launching three projects here in the next few months.

The first will be the new Emirates Today.

Marta Botero, Gabriel Sama, Guillermo Nagore, Patrick Dunne and Michael Agar have been working very hard on this full-color, quality English tabloid.

The Arab Media Group (AMG) is our client.

Last week they launched the Arab version of MTV.

Its CEO, Abdulatiff Alsayegh is the driving force of this very innovative multimedia company.

They are leading the media revolution in this part of the world.

After working in the last few months with cyrillic newspapers in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Greece, our next two projects here are in Arabic.

Al Trivino, Patrick Dunne and Gabriel Sama with Michael Agar are leading the INNOVATION team in the redesign of the first Arab tabloid, Emarat Al Youm.

And Javier Errea, Pablo Errea, Miguel Angel Jimeno, Michael Agar and Gabriel Sama are leading the INNOVATION team in the redesign of the best Arab broadsheet of the Emirates, Al Bayan.

Next week I will show you the first surprise.

Guillermo Nagore has created a new graphic version of Emirates Today that breaks many rules in this business.

Thank you Guillermo!

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Files under General | Nov 23rd


One of the reasons for the quick success of the new Eleftheros Typos has been what we heard all the time from Yianna Angelopoulos, our client and the new owner of ET:

“I want a different newspaper.

“A different one.

“A better and different newspaper!”

Well, if you know Mrs. A, these are marching orders.

And you better deliver what she wants.

So, when the skeptics told us that there was no way to do it in Greece …

That their journalists didn’t have the skills to produce a sophisticated and different newspaper.

That their editors were old-fashioned ones unable to lead a project like this.

That their designers didn’t have the skill to maintain high graphic standards .

That their printing presses had very bad reproduction and poor full color.

That INNOVATION didn’t have any idea about the traditions of the country.

And on, and on …

What we did was the opposite.

We trusted and empowered the local, journalists, editors, designers and printers.

And with the full support of Mrs. A and her first-class management team, we started a process of thinking, thinking, thinking, and training, training, training.

Full and extensive content, newsroom management, graphic and design models were produced (journalism encyclopedias)

So believe me, the new ET was not just a big idea, but a very precise and detailed project.

Gabriel Sama, Marta Botero, Javier Errea, Chiqui Esteban and Pablo Ramirez presented and implemented printed operational manuals that are the secret weapon of any INNOVATION project.

Our British production consultant (formerly with News International), Michael Fairhead was the technical watchdog.

Thanks to him and ET’s new printing presses, we got the quality reproduction that we wanted.

With excellent paper.

Yes, expensive newsprint.

At the end of the day, this was a content-driven project and nothing was purely cosmetic.

INNOVATION believes today more than ever that the newspapers of the future and the future of newspapers is in producing , like Mrs. A wanted, different and better newspapers.

High-quality journalism.

In Greece, too!

The pages that you can see here are from review, another new weekly supplement that, like the rest of the newspaper, has the same unique flavor of good content, good design and great BIG photos.

Yes, photojournalism in a BIG WAY is a terrific tool to enjoy a newspaper.

Enjoy them!








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