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EL COLOMBIANO, one of leading Latin America’s family-owned quality regional newspaper, celebrates today in Medellin its first 100th anniversary.
The editor, Ana Mercedes Gómez, and the General Manager, Luis Miguel de Bedout, have been the forces behind this dramatic change in a country where media business are booming.
The paper launched today its new format (from standard to Berliner) with new full colour state-of-the-art printing presses, and a new design formula 100% produced and implemented by the innovative in-house ECOlab lead by Martha Ortiz.
INNOVATION’s Chairman Carlos Soria, Marta Botero and Antonio Martín were in Medellín helping during the launch.
INNOVATION was asked to re-invent the content model and the newsroom management model, including the concept for a new open-space, integrated and multimedia newsroom, now a work in progress project following the ideas of our Calau&Riera media architects.
Besides, INNOVATION is working with the board of directors of EL COLOMBIANO in its new multimedia strategy and corporate governance one the group.
INNOVATION’s director Carlo Campos is leading the project and more than a dozen of INNOVATION consultants are involved in this work.
The first issue of the new paper includes an original of the most famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero: a painting done in a front page of the old paper.
This has been a fantastic 9-month content-driven project that shows how newspaper publishers and editors must lead the digital transitions of their new multi-media companies.
EL COLOMBIANO es here to stay, growing, changing and innovating ready to celebrate the next 100 years.
(In the pictures, the new front page, and the ECOLab team celebrating the launch of the new EL COLOMBIANO)

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Files under General | Aug 23rd


A few years ago I wrote a very short post after reading a brilliant analysis of Carlos Mendo about the US elections.

Today I saw that my blog-meter started to get hundreds of visits linking to this post from Google.


I went to Google and I put just his name in…

And the explanation of so much traffic was there: Carlos Mendo died today and many people were looking for more information about this master of journalists.

Mendo was UPI director in Spain and director of EFE, working also for ABC and El Pais.

Carlos Soria and Esteban Morán were old friends of him.

I am sure that they are very sad.

Like many readers fans of such a great journalist.

He was a gentleman, a happy person with many friends and a terrific expert on US politics.

As we say in Spain, he was “un clásico”.

He was 77.

Rest in pace.

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Files under General | Sep 5th


LIBERATION is a very combative newspaper.

And has been a very peaceful project.

Today Juan Senor, our London director, was is Paris checking the last details for next Monday’s launch of the new formula of LIBE.

INNOVATION’s Javier Errea and Antonio Martin are going to be there working with the editorial and graphic team of LIBERATION.

This is an old client.

Many years ago we were hired by Serge July and Evence Coppe but at that time the new graphic formula didn’t work and Pentagram’s partner David Hillman (a real gentleman!) was unable to gain the support of the newsroom and his superb prototype died after long months of “mais oui, mais non”

I had great time in Paris working with our loved Leo Bogart and Claude Jean Bertrand. Tino Fernandez and Juan Fernando Dorrego did also an excellent work in our editorial and newsroom management audit.

Later, we were asked by Vicent Bollore, chairman of HAVAS, to develop a tentative plan to use the LIBERATION newsroom resourccs for his new TV venture Direct 8, but he couldn’t get support from the shareholders of LIBE.

And almost one year ago, the new board of directors of LIBE headed by Edouard de Rothschild, hired us again this time to produce a full graphic redesign of the paper with a new editorial formula developed after several meetings in Paris with Laurent Joffrin and his team.

L’info est un combat is the new slogan for the launch campaign to emphasise that LIBE is back to quality, punchy, investigative and non-conformist journalism of the politically incorrect.

LIBE is “chic again” and `cool again’

On Monday BMW and Trudot, two top luxury brands will have six full ad pages.

And as I said, this has been a very happy and rewarding experience.

First, because our ideas got the full support of LIBERATION.

And second, because the board of directors, the CEO Nathalie Collin, the editor, and all the newsroom have been very open minded and our discussions ended in a terrific prototype.

Our special thanks go to Stephanie Aubert and Paul Quinio, two great journalists!

And, of course, to all the INNOVATION team that I lead with Juan Senor ()UK), Javier Errea (Spain), Antonio Martin (Spain), Pablo Errea (Spain), Andrew Jaspan (Australia), Thomaz Souto Correa (Brazil), Juan Cano (Spain), Deborah Withey (UK) and Sophie Bougneres (France).

Next Monday you will see the new LIBE, but wait also for the new weekend edition and the new supplements.

We enjoyed the work in Paris.

Thanks Edouard, Nathalie and Laurent, Stephanie and Paul!

In the pictures: Juan Cano, Javier Errea and Laurent Joffrin in the hall of LIBE, in its glorious top terrace, and the fantastic view of Paris from the room where the INNOVATION team made the first presentations.


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