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Still is a work in progress but last Friday, the editors and reporters of Cadena Capriles left the old building in downtown Caracas and landed in a new state-of-the-art multimedia integrated newsroom in La Urbina.

These are the first pictures of one of the most modern a futuristic newsroom in Latin America.

This is a dream that started one night in Goteborg, Sweden, having dinner during the 2008 World Newspaper Congress with the CEO of Cadena Capriles, Miguel Angel Capriles, and editorial director of the group, Nathalie Alvaray, now its media vice president.

This dream is now a reality thanks to the work and help of many people, specially the local engineer Gustavo Torres and our INNOVATION Media Architect Consultants, Luis Calau and Vicente Riera.

This is the new building.

The new facility will be fully operational in May but as you can see right now people are enjoying the space and work, including a new cafeteria.

Cadena Capriles is the publisher of three leading newspapers: ULTIMAS NOTICIAS (general news quality popular), LIDER (sports) and EL MUNDO (business), plus several magazines and online news operations.

All these journalists (more than 330 with 220 desks) work now together in a fantastic open-space 1.000 square meters newsroom under the umbrella of a Multimedia Superdesk.


During these past four years INNOVATION has produced several multimedia integration editorial, commercial and newsroom management models and manuals, designed the integrated multimedia newsroom and done extensive in-house training.

More information, pictures and videos in the next few days.

(Pictures from Karina Lizcano, Danisbel Gómez, Nathalie Alvaray, Alberto Yajure, Hilda Carmona, Edixon Games, Yelitza Linares and José Sueiro)



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Files under General | Aug 14th


I am in Caracas working with Cadena Capriles.

And yesterday our work was interrupted by breaking news related with this company.

As you know, Journalism is a very risky business in Venezuela.

But journalism and journalists are playing a terrific watchdog role in this country.

Yesterday violent Chaves thugs, some of then journalists!, attacked a group of journalists of Cadena Capriles (publisher of ULTIMAS NOTICIAS, LIDER and EL MUNDO) that were in the streets of Caracas protesting against press freedom restrictions included in a new law.

More pictures here.

The 12 brutally injured journalists are today the heroes of this necessary profession.

And they deserve our gratitude.


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