Files under General | Feb 8th

Not a very good design.

Not a very good photo editor.

Not a very good future.

L’Equipe is now the French national newspaper losing more circulation.

The proof is the pudding.



Files under General | Feb 6th
EL COLOMBIANO, one of leading Latin America’s family-owned quality regional newspaper, celebrates today in Medellin its first 100th anniversary.
The editor, Ana Mercedes Gómez, and the General Manager, Luis Miguel de Bedout, have been the forces behind this dramatic change in a country where media business are booming.
The paper launched today its new format (from standard to Berliner) with new full colour state-of-the-art printing presses, and a new design formula 100% produced and implemented by the innovative in-house ECOlab lead by Martha Ortiz.
INNOVATION’s Chairman Carlos Soria, Marta Botero and Antonio Martín were in Medellín helping during the launch.
INNOVATION was asked to re-invent the content model and the newsroom management model, including the concept for a new open-space, integrated and multimedia newsroom, now a work in progress project following the ideas of our Calau&Riera media architects.
Besides, INNOVATION is working with the board of directors of EL COLOMBIANO in its new multimedia strategy and corporate governance one the group.
INNOVATION’s director Carlo Campos is leading the project and more than a dozen of INNOVATION consultants are involved in this work.
The first issue of the new paper includes an original of the most famous Colombian artist, Fernando Botero: a painting done in a front page of the old paper.
This has been a fantastic 9-month content-driven project that shows how newspaper publishers and editors must lead the digital transitions of their new multi-media companies.
EL COLOMBIANO es here to stay, growing, changing and innovating ready to celebrate the next 100 years.
(In the pictures, the new front page, and the ECOLab team celebrating the launch of the new EL COLOMBIANO)

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Files under General | Feb 5th

Financial Times reports:

Formula 1 World Champions from past to present will take part in the first ever Financial Times supercar experience – the FT Run To Monaco. The exclusive event will see former F1 champion Damon Hill leading the participants in a fleet of luxury supercars on a route from London, through France and culminating at the Monaco Grand Prix 2012.

My take: when you have a great newspaper yo have great readers and great advertisers, so you must have great marketing ideas. In a time of timid initiatives, second-class promotions,  low budgets and lack of imagination, this is a refreshing event. Think Big to win Big. Bravo!

Thanks to INNOVATION’s Peter Litger.

(Something that my friend Javier Goizueta en his fantastic team can do for any Spanish newspaper)

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Files under General | Feb 3rd

Many of you now my mantra since the 1970′s:

The media display of the future will be the “rubber paper”

In this amazing video, “A Day Made of Glass”, Corning presents a not so futuristic way of life because “touch screens” are here right now.

But the future will a more flexible and safe material or perhaps the “rubber glass”

Watch here how this surfaces will evolve making possible INNOVATION’s “newsslate”.

In the picture, the Museum of Glass

(Thanks to INNOVATION’s Pedro Monteiro)

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Files under General | Feb 3rd

Alfonso Nieto died yesterday in Pamplona (Spain) but his legacy as a person, friend,  writer, thinker, mentor and leader will last for many years.

He was the absolute force behind the development of Journalism education in Spanish universities.

During his time as president of the University of Navarre we founded INNOVATION.

We learned from him many lessons and one of them was that “nothing is more practical than a good theory.”

Alfonso Nieto was a close friend of the late Leo Bogart, a founding director of INNOVATION.

Like Leo, he was a man of good manners, many friends, sharp mind and highly educated.

Both loved books and libraries.

And both loved newspapers.

But both were very critical about poor media business management.

Without credibility, values and compelling service to readers, advertisers, audiences and communities, press and media were “cathedrals without soul”.

Alfonso Nieto was  a pioneer in news media management education.

He saw very early, in the 1980′s, the big role and future of free newspapers and wrote a seminal book on this matter.

When I went to New York’s Columbia Journalism School as a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in 1978, his frequent letters to me during that year were always inspirational, challenging and really friendly.

A few months ago I got in the UK his last one, saying that he missed the Hay-on-Wye bookshelves!

They too, and all of us.

Don Alfonso, we will miss you very much.



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Files under General | Feb 2nd

From our man in Palo Alto:

 ”Everyone knows mobile is not just the future, it’s today”

Read here his excellent analysis about Facebook’s IPO: ” Facebook has become financial giant, but not an invincible one”

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Files under General | Feb 2nd

The first ever “Guardian Open Weekend” is a fantastic idea.

When many newspapers are in the “brick to click” mood, The Guardian Open Weekend extravagance is a very much needed “click to brick” marketing strategy.

INNOVATION‘s Javier Ramirez is a well known expert in this field and has been telling our clients around the world about the importance of this kind of initiatives, specially now that “virtual and digital relationships” are so “politically correct” in the media business.

The Guardian editor’s Alan Rusbridger writes today:

“… we are opening our doors -hosting a weekend at the end of March for a festival of idras, innovation and entertainment… We are looking to welcome thousands of readers to take part in the weekend of 24-25 March for an extraordinary mix of debates, talks, workshops, music, comedy, poetry, food and fun…A newspaper in 2011 is more than words printed on paper…The Guardian has no proprietor. Owned by the Scott Trust since 1936, it has been absolutely independent for more than 190 years, its main relationship always with its readers… The journey the Guardian is on is an open one…”

My talk: welcome to real people experiences, personal relationships marketing, real readers in real places. That’s the great advantage of any newspaper or media company with “soul” and loyal readers and advertisers. A new trend that has fantastic cases like the ones lead by The Times of India or the Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

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Files under General | Feb 1st


The Mail Online reports:

“The Advertising Standards Authority is banning the advert, ruling that the image of Miss Weisz, pictured, ‘misleadingly exaggerated’ the performance of the product. Last year L’Oreal adverts featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington were also banned for being misleading.”

My take: airbrushing reality is rocketing not just in advertising but in photojournalism. So readers and consumers become more and more skeptical about ads and news pictures because we trade reality for aesthetics: when only beauty matters, truth and credibility die.

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