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Professor Jay Rosen says that Journalism Schools are increasingly becoming R&D labs.

First, I am not sure about that. Second, If yes, I say no.

I don’t have any problem with universities and professors doing research.

More than that: without research, teaching and education are very poor.

But the idea that our Journalism Schools have to become R&D Labs is wrong.

The best Journalism education still is a strong Liberal Arts curriculum.

Reading, Thinking & Writing, are more important than playing and doing.

You will spend the rest of your life playing and doing.

So you better spend your College years using your brain, not your hands.

For many years Journalism Schools were focused on just print media.

Then, broadcasting programs came.

Later, public relations & advertising… and integrated marketing communications!

Yes, I know, mutimedia is here and now our old fashioned Journalism Schools want to catch the future just becoming R&D Labs…

What all these professors don’t know is that the problem are them, not the students.

The new generations of students are “digital multi-media-tasking natives” so they don’t need more technical training because they are fully trained before they enter in the schools.

These professors and administrators eager to get funds for R&D Labs are the ones needed of this training.

What good students are looking for is for challenging thinkers, first class teachers, inspiring personalities, and not IT amateurs.

Let’s be serious:

You still learn more about new narratives reading Antigone than spending hours in front a computer.

Specially now when you can read Antigone in an iPad!

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  1. Jay Rosen says:

    First off, we don’t teach coding at NYU. At all. In any class.

    Second: at NYU journalism is not a separate school, it is a part of the arts of sciences, and our approach reflects that. The faculty have to be outstanding writers and thinkers, or they cannot get promoted and stick around.

    Here’s the most recent book from one of faculty:

    Third: at the undergraduate level, we require a double major. You cannot graduate with just a journalism degree. You must major in one of the liberal arts or social sciences, as well.

    The graduate program I run, Studio 20, illustrates what I meant by R & D. It has nothing to do with coding or educating IT amateurs.

    If you want top rant about journalism schools becoming second rate IT training centers,, please do, but take my name out of it and find some examples that show what you’re worried about.

  2. Maria says:

    ure, but I think that the journalism education forgets in these times of their essence; this that gives sense it. I think that university (with exceptions) could better your program at one direction: their differences with others sides of the comunication. Today, are more important the moral and spiritual aspects that tecniques. For exemple, is very diferent be journalist that be public relations. But, not for the university in spain and other nations. I say: loves the journalism in the university and know in the newspaper, tv, radio, digital media, etc. It´s important, because, If we loves him , there is more posibility that we fight for him, when is necesary.
    I don´t speak more english, but I hope you understand me.
    Also, is important for the future.
    Thanks for you reflexion.

  3. Jay,

    Perhaps you need to explain what does it means J-S R&D Labs.

    If you mean Innovation… then any good university has to teach innovation, if not, it’s not a good university.

  4. I believe liberal arts education is extremely important because it teaches individuals to think critically and problem solve however a degree in liberal arts holds little value in the corporate world.

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