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INNOVATION’s Chiqui Esteban leads the New Narratives department of in Madrid, Spain.

The graphic work done with his small team (he and Carlos Gamez plus Sarah Potts, an intern) is astonishing.

They have the support of the Art Director Antonio Pasagali, video and web developers, HTML designers of but they do 90% of the final work.

They use Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Premiere and Click2Map for Google Maps…

Chiqui and Carlos are fast like the best writers of the best newswire services.

They are quick, but accurate, and always focus on “the news behind the news” trying to explain, to find out, discover new angles and delivering not just facts but graphic ideas and fast quality journalism.

This is a 24/7 full time team and they are on permanent deadline mood.

Chiqui and Carlos have limited resources but unlimited creativity, and shows what you can do when you have real journalists.

Here you can review some of the work done during the last 12 months of


An amazing showcase of almost 400 pieces of first class visual journalism!

Keep in mind that was founded by Mario Tascon, the most influential Spanish infographics journalist, a new pure digital media company that today has a new editor, Carlos Salas, a very visual journalist, founding editor of El Economista, the financial newspaper launched by INNOVATION, and one the Best Designed Newspapers of the World.

And more:

Chiqui has been able to lead all this effort and at the same time work with many INNOVATION clients around the world teaching and preaching the New Visual Journalism Gospel.

Follow his Spanish/English blog.

A must-read blog.

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