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Read the first paragraph of this poor column and you will see how to write 597 words without any real information, but pretending that you are an insider.

“I ran into James Murdoch last night…” Oh, my God… That’s incredible!

The author of the Murdoch biography seems to be obsessed with the CEO of News Corporation.

As Miran, Pavic twitters to Wolff and about his book “you seem to be compensating for notion it was too soft”

So without real news, he plays the bullshit card.

He is not the only one.

Yesterday, the Manhattan gossip blog, did the same but worse with this kind of pseudo-journalism.

Well, Murdoch never has been a popular figure, but at least deserves some credit as media investor.

Others speak, he does.

Perhaps he is wrong with the pay-model for all his publications, but at the en of the day, you don’t need to worry.

He is the boss.

It’s his money.

And if you don’t need to like him.

So all this anti-Murdoch furor seems out of focus.

Full disclosure:

In my case, I subscribe to The Times of London.

And, I’m sorry Mr. Wolff, I like it very much.

His company invited us for a “One Day with Innovation” and the meeting with his publishers and editors in Australia was a pleasure, and he also wrote a terrific Foreword for our 2009 INNOVATIONS IN NEWSPAPER, and he was very gracious with us.

(Illustration by Luis Grañena)

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  1. When you write a 450 biography about someone you do tend to get a little obsessed. Anyway, you sound like a consultant who’d like to get some work from my Uncle Rupert. Good luck. mw

  2. Fortunately we don’t need it: 26 projects in 16 countries for a 70-people media consulting group is quite enough. This week two new projects.

  3. [...] what you will about Murdoch. The fact remains, as Juan Antonio Giner noted, that he is still willing to invest incredible amounts of money into newspapers and journalism. [...]

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