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CNN’s Sanjay Gupta asked yesterday to Madame Secretary:

QUESTION: You and the former president had your honeymoon down here.

Yes, but not.

If you go to Bill Clinton’s memories, he tells another story.

Read here, page 235 of My Life:

pag. 235 MY LIFE

And later in page 236:

pag 236 haiti

The reality is that the Clinton’s have visited also the other side of the Island: if Haiti in the West is poor, the East of Dominican Republic is rich, full of five-star golf camps and fancy marina resorts, where they have enjoyed not Woodoo nights but happy lazy days.

So, again, the Clinton’s have a selective and very weak memory.

And a lying tradition that the media has to double-check, again and again.

But it’s easier just to record the news, than to check the truth of the news recorded.

With the Clinton’s you must check, check, and check.

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  1. Christopher Calandro says:

    As a particularly astute commenter at Dan Riehl’s blog noted, we didn’t even see the advent of frequent flyer programs until the late 70′s.

    Check check check check check check check followed by even more checking.

  2. Will Lyster says:

    Frequent Flier and Airline Reward programs did not begin until around 1981 – after the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978.

  3. DWPittelli says:

    Obviously the “frequent flyer” story in the book is false. We cannot tell whether that is normal false memory after decades had elapsed, or Bill not wanting to admit he had rich people actually paying for his luxury vacations. But I think it’s silly to attack the Clintons for the recent “honeymoon” claim given the close timing of the two trips, the 2-month separation of both from the actual wedding, and the fact that the first honeymoon (or first half of the honeymoon, i.e., Acapulco) was probably rather less honeymoon-like than the second honeymoon, what with relatives all over the place.

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