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Yes, the Apple Tablet, “Slate” or “Guide” is coming.

Like the ones from HP, Dell and others.

But, let’s remember a few basic ideas:

1. The problem is the quality, exclusivity and accessibility of our content, not the platforms.

2. Kindle or Apple tablet are not the solutions.

3. As Jeff Jarvis said: “Newspaper publishers must unleash their news on every device possible. No single gadget will be their saviour”

So, information does need “paper jails” nor new technological jails.

What we need to worry is not about these new devices, but the old assembly-line-one deadline-one platform newsroom management system that still prevails in 99% of our newspapers.

We need more “one kitchen, several restaurants” newsroom multimedia models.

We need to focus in multimedia content management.

We need to migrate from media companies to “information engines.”

And from readers to audiences and communities.

Technology is not the problem, nor the solution.

So, welcome the tablets, and better if they become as soon as possible rubber tablets.

And let’s concentrate in how to migrate from monomedia to multimedia newsrooms.

Be ready!

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  1. Hi Juan, happy 2010. Yes we need to change inside the newsrooms to embrace every possible way of giving our readers what they want, when and where (platforms) they want and NEED it (the need side is very important). Be it on Apple’s tablet or on a Facebook page.

    In my experience, for the newsrooms to make that change you’ll have to find some people inside it that are willing to learn the new ‘lauganges’ and you need the editors and sub-editors to ‘sponsor’ these peoples efforts by giving them both the time and the help they need.

    As you usually say ‘SHOW, DON’T TELLl’ and the same applies here. If you work on a newsroom that is not ‘going’ web 2.0 and you want to try it, my opinion is make it and then show the results to your co-workers. You’ll see many sceptics starting to get interested in it.

  2. gabyu says:

    My comment will be pretty short : amen.

  3. shenry says:

    I’m ready. Can’t wait to pay $1.99 a month to have the NYTimes dropped in each day, a message to tell me my latest issue of the New Yorker is waiting for me, All publications offer Flyp-like multimedia experience. Download a digital textbook for $4… The sooner media adopts an iTunes/app store model, the better.

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