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A few minutes ago, INNOVATION announced the launch of our 2009 INNOVATIONS IN NEWSPAPERS World Report.

Newspapers that continue to succeed in the digital age will do so by developing their traditional relationships with readers, no matter how they’re delivered, Rupert Murdoch says.

“Our success will still depend on the bond of trust between readers and our content, not on how many platforms we use,” he says in the new Innovations in Newspapers 2009 World Report, an annual survey released today (27 April) by the Innovation International Media Consulting Group for the World Association of Newspapers.

“This annual report, Mr. Murdoch says, demonstrates powerfully how newspapers around the world are being reinvented in the digital age. I believe newspapers have a wonderful future. As printed products and as newly empowered news brands that deliver great journalism across many platforms customized to the interests of readers,”

But, Mr. Murdoch warns that complacency is the biggest threat to newspapers and that the real foe “is not competition from new technology, it is the complacency in our industry among people who have enjoyed monopolies, who have to compete for an audience they once took for granted, who don’t trust their audiences and who have not responded constructively to challenges from readers who no longer think editors are omnipotent oracles.”

“If we earn the trust and loyalty of our readers, good newspapers, and their electronic siblings will become even stronger news brands. They may not always be thrown over the fence each morning but their impact will continue to resonate in the communities they serve,” he says.

“Our role is to give our readers great journalism and great judgment. I am convinced circulation and readership will grow on web pages, through RSS feeds, in e-mails, on mobile devices and in printed newspapers,” he says.

Mr.Murdoch, the Chairman and Chief Executive of News Corporation, provides a vision for the future of newspapers based firmly on his own experiences.

“When I look around the world at the newspapers that are growing their audience – The Australian, the Wall Street Journal, the many free newspapers in Europe, the reformatted newspapers everywhere from London to Lisbon and Lima – they all offer variations of the same thing; news people want and information they need in an inexpensive, portable, ergonomically improved format,” he writes in the report’s introduction.

The Innovations in Newspapers 2009 World Report is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Arabic and can be ordered, in pdf format  through the WAN web site or also in pdf and print format from the Innovations International Media Consulting Group web site.

The annual report looks at major innovations and developments in the newspaper industry world-wide. This year’s edition, the 11th in the series, focuses on:

•    Multimedia organizations – how to transform your newspaper’s vertical matrix into a horizontal, audience-driven management organization
•    Newsroom design and workflows – how to successfully integrate your newsroom in order to offer content on a 24 hour cycle to different audiences on every platform
•    New advertising models – how to shift from linear to modular advertising and change internal mindsets to selling audiences rather than just selling space.
•    Mobile content and advertising; – the power of mobile news and how mobility might hold the key to developing new revenue streams
•    Blogging – how to leverage the content of local bloggers and generate new audiences for your newspaper
•    Social media – the power of micro-blogging to generate traffic and loyalty to your news operation. How to integrate it into your daily news planning schedules effectively
•    Branding strategies – the best newspaper marketing campaigns, cases on how to rediscover the power of your news brand in your community.
•    New storytelling techniques – and much else.

The Innovations Report serves as the centerpiece for a major presentation at the World Newspaper Congress, to be held in Hyderabad, India, from November 30 to December 3. The Innovations International Media Consulting Group will track major developments in coming months for the presentation, which will provide an overview of both the report and new cases and developments that emerge. Full details of the conference, the annual global summit meeting of the world’s press, can be found here.

The Paris-based WAN, the global organization for the newspaper industry, defends and promotes press freedom and the professional and business interests of newspapers world-wide. Representing 18,000 newspapers, its membership includes 77 national newspaper associations, newspaper companies and individual newspaper executives in 102 countries, 12 news agencies and 11 regional and world-wide press groups.

Innovation International Media Consulting Group is a global consultancy focusing on newspapers. It works in every continent helping newspapers to transform their products on paper, online and on air.  It has a network of 70 consultants who deliver hands-on projects with specific business results – whether it is increasing circulation, audiences, sales or performance of media groups the world over.  It has launched more than 150 newspapers and has won many accolades for its innovative approach to the newspaper business.




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