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Yesterday, I visited the new facilities of the “i” newspaper in Portugal, which were designed by INNOVATION’s Calau&Riera.

Our graphic team, led by Javier Errea and Laura Cruz, was working with Nick Mrozowski’s fantastic local design team to make the final changes as this young and energetic newsroom produces better and better prototypes every day of this new national quality newspaper.

A very provocative TV campaign is starting today and very soon you will be able to watch great commercial spots that follow the same “num instante tudo muda” (in one instant everything changes) line used on the Web.

The WAN Conference in Barcelona (May 27-28, 2009) will have a presentation on “Product Launches in Difficult Financial Times” by Martim Figueiredo, publisher and editor-in-chief of the new daily.

He and André Macedo have assembled a great team of journalists convinced, like INNOVATION and SOJORMEDIA, that this is the time to invest in quality journalism.

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