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17 years ago — oh my God! — we started the Malofiej Infographic Awards at the University of Navarre’s Journalism School in Pamplona.

From the beginning, we said that these were the Pulitzers of the infographics world…

Well, this was too much, but before long we got more and more entries, great judges… and they became, really, the worldwide benchmark for visual journalism.

So, now it is time to thank all the people who made these awards possible.

First, to professor Miguel Urabayen who “found” this Argentinean visual journalist.

Then, to Pablo Sirvén and Gonzalo Peltzer, who introduced us to Alejandro Malofiej just a few months after he died.

And to his editor at Tiempo Argentino, Raul Burzaco, and his wife, Hilda Mouro, who donated many original pieces of Alejandro’s work to the university.

The late Peter Sullivan was also very influential and controversial.

He is the one who set up very, very high standards for the judging.

And let’s remember the first judges: Jean Claude Boksembaun, David Gray, John Monahan, Ole Munk, George Rorick, Peter Sullivan and Deborah Withey.

Thanks to Alvaro Moncada, Antonio Martín, María and Esther Armendia, Ignacio de la Fuente, Juan Corrales, Javier García Sayés, Diego Cenzano, Piluca Calero, Julian Altamirano, Chiqui Esteban, Joan Piqué, Quique and Luis Infante, Diego Delclaux, Guillermo Catalan, Maximo Bandres, Mariana Caetano, Maria del Mar Lopez, Maria Lozano, Luis I Muñoz, Mariola Moncada, Virginia Plana, Maribel Marin, Helena Sanz, Pablo Muñoz, Pilar Molina, Carla Garcia Tapia, Rafael Esquiroz and dozens of students who became the fantastic team behind the awards…

Cristina Gallego, Sofía Matínez, Valentina Villegas, Marta Torres, and Marta Valdés had to deal with the student force.

Nicola Bovoli, Francesco Farruggia, Tomasso Prennushi, Paloma Garcia and Francisco Lillo from Eurometing were the generous and visionary sponsors of the annual book in our first two years.

Like Cosme Delclaux, Jose Ramon Gonzalez, Xavier Lasa and Ricardo Villa with the first CDs, and Ricardo Bermejo with the design of the first books.

And the pictures of Jose Ramon Belzunce, Eugenio Zuñiga, and the great Jose Luis Zúñiga.

And Toni Piqué later, and Javier Errea now, were the great organizational masters.

But nobody did more or better work than my PA at the time, Maite Martínez.

More than anyone, she deserves a very special recognition from the infographics world.

Maite made the SND Spanish Chapter possible.

Maite made the “Show don’t Tell” workshops possible.

And Maite made the Malofiej Infographic Awards possible.

Without her, believe me, today’s 17th awards would be impossible.


  1. Allendegui says:

    Qué recuerdos de los Malofiej… y sí, sin Maite, no hubiera sido posible.

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  3. Querido Juan Antonio,

    Muchas gracias por acordarte de los ‘pioneros’. ¡Cuánto tiempo y qué buenos recuerdos!

    Aprovecho yo también para mandar un beso gigantesco a Maitechu, “alma mater” de todos nuestros grandes ‘tinglaos’ universitarios.


  4. Efectivamente, que tiempos aquellos los de los “Malojief”.

    Estaría bien organizar un encuentro nostálgico entre todas las personas que estuvimos involucrados a lo largo de estos años. Aprovecharíamos para hacerle el merecido homenaje a Maite.

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