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My computer was stolen this weekend from a bag checked with Delta on my flight from New York Kennedy to Norfolk.

So I have spent the last 48 hours on the phone with different parts involved in the claim.

This is the ranking of the customer service departments that I had to contact:

1. TSA, the United States Transportation Security Administration, which screens baggage: 120 minutes waiting for a “representative” until I hung up. A world record for lack of attention.

2. British Airways: My initial recorded message was returned in less than 15 minutes and they called me several times trying to help me. Good service.

3. Delta Airlines: They were also very nice and sensitive to a Gold Elite passenger.

4. Apple: They answered my phone call in less than 5 seconds. They found the original invoice in less than 30 seconds and e-mailed it to me before our conversation ended.

Well, I said to the Apple representative: Well done, you must be very proud of how well you treat your customers. Thank you very, very much. She was very moved when I told her about my terrible experience with the TSA.

Obama is going to fix the country, yes, but perhaps first he needs to fix the TSA “customer service,” and create new jobs to take care of us, the people who pay for this — oh well — let’s say, “service”.

Shame on them!


  1. Same thing happened to me in Zurich. Was an inside job. There were surveillance cameras… I was in a business line. 07h00 in the morning, we are 6 people in the line. I go through the metal/whatever detector and I beep, They ask me to go through again, I do and my computer disappears… I stop everyone. I call heads of security, my plane’s gate is closing. I have filming equipment on that plane, my cameraman is waiting for me. I stop the plane, get the equipment off the plane stall everything and ask for the police. Remember we are in Zurich, … head of the security asks me if I want to file a police report or just go on my merry way. I decide I want a police report.

    20 minute walk to the police station as I have to go through out the whole airport, go back through security… I get there, there is no police before 8h00. I have to wait for them open the shop. Switzerland. The officer comes in and asks me what happened. Tell him the story he was baffled. They all run down. Turns out the cameras were not plugged so that there was no evidence… it was a new system that was installed the week before and needed to be plugged… Got my police report, called my insurance.. had made a back-up prior to leave home.

    Apple were the best. Insurance were impeccable.

    Since then I never let anything out of my sight and I make sure they all know when I go through any gates that my eyes are on them and that at another gate, somewhere in the world, my computer was stolen. And he forgot to take the power supply…


  2. Thank you Robert, your case is amazing too!

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