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This is a new “pure digital media company” launched in Madrid, Spain, by Juan Kindelan, Luis Infante and other former directors and editors of Recoletos, a group that was sold first to Pearson and finally to Unidad Editorial, the Spanish branch of the RCS Media Group in Milan.

They made a lot of money from print media and now they have decided to invest part of this money in Diximedia Digital, a new company that has launched Practicomedia, its first digital product, and now has announced the launch of lainformacion.com (“lainformacion al segundo”).

All these new digital adventures are lead by Mario Tascon, the former online director of elmundo.es and Prisacom.

Mario is assembling a very young and innovative group of digital journalists and online technicians who want to become the leaders of the new media business in the Spanish world.

INNOVATION’s Chiqui Esteban, who is leaving PUBLICO in a few days, is one of them.

I met Mario Tascon many years ago, and I suggested his name to Pedro J. Ramirez when he was founding El Mundo and looking for a first-class visual journalist.

INNOVATION spread the new “infographics gospel” in many countries with the help of Mario Tascon, who became our infographics guru around the world.

Later, he started El Mundo’s first Web site, and a few years ago he was hired by El Pais to lead its new Prisacom operation.

Mario believes in quality journalism, and knows that the future of this business depends not of the conduct but the content.

Keep an eye on this new company, because it quickly could become a “Mecca” for the future of the digital news media business.

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