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As you know, right now we are moving back to St. Davids, in Wales, (UK).

And over the next few days, I will have to decide what goes there, what stays here and what will go to charities, eBay or in the trash.

My main problem is what to do with printed books, magazines and reports.

In our headquarters office in Europe, we keep digital and print records of all of our work.

After more than 20 years in this business, though, I keep copies of a lot of stuff that is archived there.

The first decision is to trash all of my duplicates.

This includes dozens of copies of our Quarterly Confidential Newsletter that I started in 1986, and extra copies of our Innovations in Newspapers Global Reports since 1999.

Next are almost 100 copies of Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

And old copies of The Bulletin and The American Editor, INMA Ideas magazine and DESIGN Journal.

I will ship to Wales only my collection of Monocle, Revista UNICA, and hundreds of magazine special issues or those with some historical meaning. 

My large collection of uniquely designed books, smart travel guides, books about New York city, old British and American journalism manuals, newspaper editors’ biographies and memories will follow me to St. Davids, as they are my real collector’s treasures.

The rest will go in the trash or to eBay; so stay tuned, and you can bid for some of the best pieces.

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  1. bragiu says:

    Have a nice moving and be happy there in Wales.
    Happy new year (life) from Italy.

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