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What should you do when all of your media competitors are cutting, cutting, cutting?

I can’t give you a generic answer. I know that each market and company is different, but let me tell you some good news.

What I see, and what I know for sure, is this:

All of our clients and all the best media companies of the world right now are investing in the future.


· Prototyping the future. (See INNOVATION’s cases of 30/30 or PICTURE WEEK.)

· Improving their multimedia operations. (See the case of EDIPRRESSE in Switzerland, STYRIA in Austria, SCHIBSTED in Norway or BONNIER in Sweden.)

· Investing in training for their newsrooms and management (See the case of THE DAILY TELEGRAPH in London.)

· Rethinking the content of their newspapers, not just the design. (See the recent cases of INNOVATION’s ELEFTHEROS TYPOS in Athens or CORREIO in Salvador, Bahia, and very soon with the new formula for LA LIBRE BELGIQUE in Brussels.)

· Re-inventing newsroom management rules under the INNOVATION concept of “One Kitchen, Several Restaurants.” (See the INNOVATION case of COPESA in Chile.)

· Building new physical facilities following the INNOVATION idea of “open-space, integrated, multimedia newsrooms,” and the same for their business operations, sharing the same multimedia-integrated management model. (See our INNOVATION projects in USA, Greece, Dubai, Russia, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain…)

· Developing a new multimedia strategic vision that includes not only interaction with existing readers, but also with new audiences and communities (See the case of O GLOBO in Rio, Brazil.)

· Creating new products to empower the weekday and the weekend editions. See the success of INNOVATION’s REVISTA UNICA in Portugal, ES in LA VANGUARDIA in Barcelona and C7 in Las Palmas, Spain.)

· Launching new newspapers. (See the success of INNOVATION’s EMIRATES BUSINESS 24/7, the first business newspaper in Dubai.)

Of course, if a media company hires a consultant, it must be looking to do better, to experiment with new ideas and develop new projects.

Not downsizing and dying.

INNOVATION has never been involved in downsizing projects.

We don’t do projects to fire people.

We don’t do projects to retrench.

Of course we believe in efficiency and optimization of resources, but to expand, to grow, and to gain market share.

Our multimedia integration strategy will save money in many ways, but, at the end of the day, it is a strategy to become more competitive, different and unique, and this always involves wise investments in people, training, product development, and innovation.

We don’t do miracles.

We do help create the changes that transform the future from bleak to promising and exciting.

Today is the time to invest in your future.

Not to kill your business.

It’s your choice.

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