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EL HERALDO (Barranquilla, Colombia) is one the newspapers that published the first journalistic work of Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

A 75-year-old newspaper that preserves a great tradition of first-class regional journalism.

EL HERALDO is a family-owned, quality broadsheet newspaper that tomorrow will launch its new editorial and graphic concept.

INNOVATION’s work started here in 2007 with Carlos Soria, Eduardo Tessler, Marta Botero, Javier Errea, Chiqui Esteban, Pablo Errea and me.

I have been to Barranquilla many times.

The former editor, Juan B. Fernández, is now retired, but is still full of energy and is an old friend.

He is the one who invited us to visit Barranquilla for the first time.

When we started this project, Juan invited me to the Country Club in Barranquilla and he said:

“I am not the editor anymore and I don’t play any active role on the board of directors of the company, but let me tell you one thing, Juan Antonio: don’t be afraid to make all the needed changes. I am sure that you will improve the paper, and you and your team will always have my full support.”

Well, he did it.

Him and all the owners.

So, this change is another dramatic example of how only leaders change, and they do it because they are the leaders and they want to be leaders in the future.

Colombia has excellent regional newspapers such as El Pais in Cali, El Colombiano in Medellín, Vanguardia Liberal in Bucaramanga, El Universal in Cartagena, La Patria in Manizales and El Meridiano de Cordoba in Monteria.

But, having done work with all the above newspapers, my Colombian friends will agree with me that none of them has experienced the big changes that EL HERALDO is going to start tomorrow.

Today, Javier Errea explains on page 2 the intensity and scope of these changes.

Tomorrow you will see the new EL HERALDO here.

I hope that you and, more importantly, all the readers and advertisers of EL HERALDO, will like it.

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