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Alfredo Trivino has redesigned The Sunday Times and he has done a super job.

The leading British Sunday paper is now full color, more easy to read and better organized.

As Harold Evans writes;:

“This week’s Sunday Times looks more attractive than last week’s with the sparkle of the best of the web pages, but that is not the central point of the redesign.

A superficial change of look is not what design is all about.

Newspaper design is not about cosmetics; it is about enhancing communication.”

And today’s changes enhance the communication with readers.

Brilliant, Alfredo!

The paper is launching a £3 million ($6 million) marketing campaign featuring Peter O’Toole with the new slogan “The Sunday Times. For all you are.”

The old slogan “The Sunday Times is the Sunday Papers,” will still be featured, though in modified form on the second page, where it will appear as “The Sunday Times is my Sunday Papers.”

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