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Last week, La Gaceta de los Negocios in Madrid launched a new editorial and graphic formula. In the last few years, this pink financial newspaper has become a mix of financial and general news.

The new editor is Jose Maria Garcia-Hoz, a well-known journalist who was editor of Expansion, the leading Spanish financial newspaper.

In 2003, Jose Maria Garcia-Hoz, with Juan Kindelan as a business partner, was the editorial force behind Nuevo Diario, a new paper that sought to be a very unique product with the help of INNOVATION.

Our constant interaction for almost two years with Juan Kindelan and Jose Maria Garcia-Hoz was crucial in order to design and produce the new paper.

They were two very good journalists and managers with a first-class record of successful quality newspapers and magazines in the past.

For INNOVATION, they were not just good friends and passionate entrepreneurs, but also great clients.

Unfortunately, Nuevo Diario’s private investors — all of then small in order to guarantee the independence and editorial freedom of the paper — never arrived at a final agreement, and the new project never went ahead.

The INNOVATION team (Carlos Soria, me, Ally Palmer, Terry Watson and Juan Velasco) developed full editorial, graphic and newsroom management models for a newspaper with a target of 250,000 high-quality readers.

It was a complementary newspaper with almost no traditional sections such as national, international, local, sports, TV, business or culture.

Instead, Nuevo Diario was a different, compact paper with:

A mini, quick-read, six-page summary of the last 24 hours with the main news traditionally labeled and organized, but presented in full color and with charts, graphics, photos and brief comments.


A second, macro-section called HISTORIAS that included dozens of big topics with an explanatory journalism approach to the most relevant news.

And a third section with opinion pages full of graphics, photos and a more creative content than the traditional editorial and Op-ed pages.

The new La Gaceta keeps many of these ideas and adds a central section for business news, more weekly supplements and more pages.

Art Director Eduardo Cruz and his design team have done an excellent job maintaining the graphic formula of Nuevo Diario in the front pages, 24 Horas and Historias.

The rest is a mix of new and old design that, perhaps, doesn’t fit with the main news section.

Critics and readers have reacted with surprise, welcoming the “new” paper including its ideas, editorial and graphic models.

The Spanish market now has another excellent newspaper.

More competition in a very competitive market.

And this is good news!

We really enjoyed the big challenges of the Nuevo Diario project.

It was, perhaps, the most creative one INNOVATION has ever done.

So good luck to La Gaceta and its new team.

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