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Jeff Jarvis offers some provocative ideas about the future of The New York Times.

And he asked for more ideas.

I posted this one:

What about a free Web site from Monday to Friday and keep printed editions just for Saturday and Sunday?


Well, let me explain.

INNOVATION has newspaper clients in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and in the Middle East who will confess to you (“don’t give my name!”) that though they are leaders in their markets, almost all of them lose money from Monday to Friday, and the weekend editions are the ones that keep all the profits alive.

So, what if we were to cancel these print editions during the week, improve, expand and promote our free Web site, and produce better and more profitable paid print editions during the weekends?

Go to Francisco Pinto Balsemao and ask him to convert EXPRESSO in a daily newspaper and you will fail.

He always rejected the idea.

And Publico is the result of this refusal.

Publico is a great daily newspaper but never has made real money.

EXPRESSO is a great Saturday newspaper and makes more money, sells more copies and gets more advertising than any other newspaper in Portugal.

Ask Rupert Murdoch and he will tell you the same thing: he loses money with The Times of London from Monday to Friday, and makes a lot of money with the new Saturday Times and the old Sunday Times.

Go to Greece and see how newspapers sell 300% more copies on weekends.

Or to Spain where they sell twice as many copies on Sundays than the average weekday newspaper.

The same in Argentina.

Or in Germany.


I don’t think so.

Just wait and see.

More details in future posts.

Your comments are welcomed.

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