I agree with many disappointed readers of El Pais.

I don’t like its last redesign.

At all.

The first design by Reinhard Gade and Julio Alonso was almost perfect.

Since then, all the changes have been just cosmetic.

El Pais, like many newspapers, doesn’t need to change the design, but the content.

The newsroom management.

The news format.

The news stategy.

To attract new and younger readers.

Young readers don’t buy newspapers for the design.

But for the content.

… and, yes, for the nice free watches (hopefully they work well).


2 Responses to “THE NEW DESIGN OF EL PAIS”

  1. dalvarezg says:

    The watch is just kind of nice. Better to look at than to touch (cheap plastic). I always wonder why give a bad big thing instead of a good small one…

  2. OK, they give a bad plastic watch, but you can dream with the Rolex ad of the frontpage…

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