I get Expresso every week by mail.

It’s a real pleasure.

To read it.

To see it.

To enjoy it.

The leading paper of Portugal looks fresh, provocative, smart and EASY to read.

In the September 15th edition, they have a full page with a summary of the last 12 months after the relaunch of the new editorial formula for print and online, the new format and the new design.

The results of our work with Expresso have been better than expected by some competitors and early critics of what was considered a dramatic change.

Well, it was dramatic.

But Expresso is now better than ever:

52 weeks after the INNOVATION work, Expresso sells 9.1% more paid copies than the year before.

Advertising is up 3.9%.

And Expresso now has more young readers than any other Portuguese newspaper.

The 5 secrets of this INNOVATION project:

1. A two-year plan that started with a new editor and new art director.

2. A unique, dramatic, content-driven redesign that won many international design awards.

3. Better content than ever in new quick, easy-to-read formats.

4. Training, training, training.

5. A great marketing campaign.

Luiz Carvalho posted a video report of the night of the change on YouTube, that shows the founder of Expresso, Francisco Pinto Balsemao, pressing the button that sent the last page to the printer.

What a night, what a year!

These are some amazing pages.

(Thanks to Marco Grieco, Art Director)





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