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More and more newspapers are redesigning their logos.

If mastheads are very long (acquisition or consolidation of two newspapers create very long ones) you better try this solution.

These are two recent examples from Portugal and India of this new branding.



2 Responses to “BRANDS VS. LOGOS”

  1. eleuve says:

    I agree that the mastheads should turn into look like brands. American papers are chained to their past. The use those old scripted prints to sell tradition, but i don´t think it sells anymore, if it ever did.
    I am sorry to disagree in the logos you posted here.
    The ´P´, like Marca did a wile ago (i think it worked really well, specially as branding), in Publico doesn´t tell me anything. the publico word reversed out is too small (it´s true i never had a chance to have it in my hands). I think it´s flat, an lacks of personallity (in opposition to marca, that is full of personality). specially with the master copy of the guardian model (oh yes, again!) that they did. It looks like it was pre ordered (‘hey we want exactly that’). the guardian look-like trend is embarrasing for visual journalism. the snd best are fine, pretty, clean. but i don´t know if the guardian has helped or hurt the newspaper design visual identity… instead of the World’s Best designed they should be the World´s best brick type page layout. superb typograpghy, aritmetic gridline, and scientific color pallet. that´s fine. but where is communication? where is the message? where´s the personality? I think character sells.
    I like logo style mastheads, some of the rocky mountain news redesign were very atractive.
    I don´t even mention the other one, The Hindustan Times, that HT is hard to read. very hard to see, or get.

  2. About PUBLICO. I think that the P works very well.

    P for PUBLICO, but also for PORTUGAL.

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