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Some of the 244 pages of the first issue.

A magazine-book with more than 50,000 words.

And a few quotes from Tyler Brule, founder of Monocle magazine, in The Observer:

“We want to appeal to the most interested, interesting people,” Brule says.

“We didn’t focus group it,” says Brule, emphasising that advertisers are paying full rate from the outset. “They had to buy a first-class seat,” he says. There were no discounts and no special favours.

“The Economist or Der Spiegel shows you can do quality journalism and hold your ground. We’ll just do it in a more visual way.”

Articles are long and well-researched, with every picture and story generated internally, and all foreign travel and expenses paid for by the magazine. “There is not one story generated by a press release,” Brule says. Nor are there “freebies” or cozy trips laid on by friendly PR agencies trying to procure favourable coverage for clients.

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