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Switzerland, home to one of Europe’s most important financial centers, is poised for the launch of its first purely economic daily newspaper later this year.

Ringier announces a new free financial paper that will have the same name of CASH, the successful weekly paper that is like the “Rolling Stone of the Swiss bankers.”

Pay attention to this new paper because it is going to be a very influential formula in what INNOVATION calls the second generation of quality popular free papers.


Files under General | Apr 19th

Since January 2004, The New York Times hares have fallen 47 percent; an index of industry stocks has fallen 35.8 percent. In the same period, stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index have climbed more than 17 percent.

It´s time to buy the stock!


Files under General | Apr 3rd

The 2006 Malofiej Infographic Awards were announced yesterday.

Peter Sullivan was one of the founding judges and I remember his advise:

“Juan Antonio, if you want to have awards with credibility, ask the judges to be very tough”

We did it, and now they are the Pulitzers for Infographics.

The Peter Sullivan Award for the “best of the show” was given this year to the BBC and EL CORREO.

Javier Zarracina, Infographics Director of EL CORREO, is now an INNOVATION consultant, and we are very proud of his work and leadership.

His more recent work with us was this month in KAPITAL, the financial weekly newspaper of ECONOMEDIA in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Files under General | Apr 3rd

After announcing his resignation from the news weekly, The Economist, Bill Emmott said that part of his newspaper’s success could be attributed to the rise in daily newspapers’ coverage of ‘entertainment’ journalism.

Emmott was chief of the Economist for 13 years, during which time its circulation has doubled to over 1 million readers where the circulations of most daily newspapers continue a steady decline.

This is, believe me, the newspaper hard news way of survival.

Soft news?

Yes, but if they are treated like the hard news!