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Saturday, September 09, 2006


This is a picture of Nuno Botelho from the streets of Lisbon this morning.

The website of EXPRESSO tells the great news:

The 160.000 copies of the new EXPRESSO were sold out around the country in less than four hours.

What a great hit for a great paper with a front page full of exclusive stories.

I went yesterday with Carlos Soria, our President, Marta Botero and Javier Errea (the two key INNOVATION consultants in the new editorial and graphic model) to the printing plant with the directors and editors of EXPRESSO and after we had a very emotional dinner at the PUB, the traditional restaurant near to the old building of the paper, where we used to go many times more than eight years ago when we started our work for EXPRESSO.

Francisco Pinto Balsemao, the founder of EXPRESSO 33 years ago, was really happy and his final toast was very short: "We are going to win this battle!"

The battle is to remain the leading quality paper in Portugal in a time when many newspaper publishers around the world are not sure about the future of the print media.

Well, EXPRESSO has done what needs to be done: invest in the product, have better printing and full color, redesign the newsroom management, train, train, train, improve the content and design in a dramatic way, hire brilliant new people including an art director, change the editor, make strong changes on and off line, and promote them as a "new" paper will do it.

The result?

Sold out.


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